The seasons may change, but the health benefits of exercise stay the same. Spending time outdoors can also greatly benefit your health, and the heat and humidity don’t have to stop you. But getting outside doesn’t mean you have to suffer in the summer heat.

Have Fun this Summer While Staying Active


1. Go for a walk in the early morning

The coolest time of day is in the morning. For independent seniors who enjoy running and long walks, exercise in the early morning is best when avoiding the high summer temperatures and the risk of dehydration.

2. Indoor walks

When you’re in the mood to exercise, but the weather isn’t cooperating, an indoor walk in a large, air-conditioned place, like an indoor track or the mall, might do the trick.


There’s nothing like a refreshing dip in the pool. Whether you choose to swim laps or participate in an organized class like water aerobics, you’ll be able to get your heart rate up while staying cool. Best of all, you can relax poolside after your workout, and you won’t even need to change your outfit.

4. Scenic walks

When long walks around the track no longer get you excited, a scenic walk around the aquarium, zoo, or park might. In hot weather, choose an indoor location like the local art museum, and if you’re up to it, be sure to take the stairs.

5. Golf

Golfing is fun for all ages, but did you know it’s also a great, low-impact way to improve your strength and flexibility? Golfing can be a great way to get some exercise in during the summer months. While the nature of the game means you’ll be outside for long periods of time, there are usually shady areas on the course, and golf carts are readily available at most clubs. Golf can also be a great way for seniors to mingle and meet new people.

6. Gardening

If you’ve ever spent a few hours gardening, you know it can work up a sweat. Gardening is not only a good way to stay healthy, but it can also be therapeutic for seniors. Just remember to bring extra sunscreen if you plan on staying out for a while. And water isn’t just for the plants! Remember to keep yourself hydrated, too.

Stay Safe

When pursuing outdoor activities, always remember to take precautions. Older adults are more vulnerable to dehydration than younger people. It’s always a good idea to pack extra water and take frequent water breaks to avoid dehydration.

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