It is essential you know that life immediately after surgery is not instant bliss. The success of your treatment depends on what you do during your post-op recovery period. Physical therapy is often recommended – and there’s a good reason why. It works.

What Should I Expect From Physical Therapy After Surgery?

Most doctors are now recommending that physical therapy start immediately after surgery. You’ll begin with simple exercises involving flexing and stretching and move on to more intense exercise as you recover. Part of your therapist’s job is to safely push you to make progress even when you don’t think you can! Some of the most common types of physical therapy techniques include:

  • Range of motion exercises including knee extensions, moving from sitting to standing and circling joints
  • Strengthening exercises including leg raises, hamstring and quadriceps contractions, squats using a chair
  • Stretching exercises in both a seated and standing position
  • Walking and other low-impact cardiovascular exercises, including using an exercise bike. Sometimes after major surgery, just taking a few steps is a big deal, and the sense of accomplishment patients feel as they progress goes a long way in moving recovery forward.

The Benefits of Physical Therapy After Surgery

There are many long-term benefits of postsurgical physical therapy, and you can start experiencing some of them even after a few sessions. These benefits include the following:

  • Better movements in the joints
  • Strength and more flexibility in muscles
  • Less swelling and pain
  • Easier time doing daily activities
  • Better blood circulation

Final Thoughts

A professional physical therapist will be dedicated to helping you perform your best, and will do everything he or she can to ensure that you get on with normal daily activities with little or no pain. Talk to your doctor regarding the best physical therapy plan for you.

Call us to find out more about postsurgical recovery healing and various methods available. We can schedule a consultation today and get you started on the road to better health and pain-free living.

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