Raises Awareness Of The Many Health Benefits Of PT

National Physical Therapy Month occurs each October. The American Physical Therapy Association uses the month to raise awareness for the benefits of physical therapy.  It’s also a time to celebrate the wonderful work done by health professionals to restore and maintain function, and improve people’s lives without using potentially harmful and addictive medication. According to the APTA (American Physical Therapy Association) PT is “the safer way to manage pain.”


1.      Stretch yourself by trying something new

Find new ways to practice self-care. Whether you’ve felt intimidated by yoga, you’ve always wanted to learn massage techniques, or you’re finally ready to sign up for those dance classes, this month may be the perfect time to push yourself just a little out of your comfort zone.

2.      Participate in your community

You could host an NPTM event, volunteer at a pro bono clinic, or serve the community by cleaning up a park. It’s all about making a positive difference.

3.      Appreciate physical therapists

It’s likely that most of us don’t think about physical therapists — until we need one. If you happen to know anyone who works in this profession, make a point of asking them about their work, which requires not just specialized knowledge and training, but patience, consistency, and dedication as well. Let’s thank them for the difference they make in so many lives.

The Importance Of Physical Therapy

Physical therapists and physical therapist assistants can help improve your quality of life by restoring and improving your ability to move.  In many cases, a physical therapist can work with their patients to manage or eliminate pain without medication and its related side effects. In many cases, physical therapy may even be an alternative to surgery. A physical therapist will examine you and develop a plan of care using treatment techniques to promote your ability to move, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability.

For our seniors, they have a lot to gain from regular physical therapy. In fact, the potential of this alternative treatment option has created campaigns to spread awareness and disseminate information regarding physical therapy. Since October is “National Physical Therapy Month,” it makes it prudent to consider how PT may help you, or someone you love.

We’re Here To Help

At Care First Rehab, we provide our patients in Wake and Durham County with an exceptional outpatient and rehabilitation experience. We believe that a synthesis of modern technique and human touch produces optimal results. Care First Rehab offers an encouraging environment where our friendly and dedicated staff assists patients in achieving their physical therapy goals. Our staff of experienced therapists take a personal interest in our patients’ well being. At Care First Rehab we are 100% committed to patient care.

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