We all deal with some form of bodily pain, to one extent or another. Between daily movement, sports activities and simply growing older, our bodies are under a lot of stress throughout our lives. Often, the results are painful movement and difficulty performing daily functions. Physical therapists can play a vital role in assisting with patient recovery and regaining pain-free function, especially before and after surgery. Orthopedic injuries generally require some form of physical therapy in order to heal properly.

The musculoskeletal system includes muscles, bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments which when injured can cause painful and limited motion. There are a variety of orthopedic conditions to these areas that require physical therapy and in extreme cases, surgery. Some examples of these conditions and injuries include:

  • Sprains and strains
  • Tendonitis
  • Arthritis
  • Ligament and muscle tears
  • Joint, muscle and tendon inflammations
  • Post fracture injury
  • Joint stiffness and pain and more

These ailments can cause patients to experience pain, inflammation, and decreased range of motion and strength, limiting what they are able to do throughout the day. Some orthopedic conditions such as knee and shoulder injuries require surgery in order to be treated. In these cases, physical therapy is crucial in order to have a successful recovery. Before surgery, physical therapy will help to jump-start recovery and prepare you for continuing with the routine after surgery.

A physical therapist will develop a plan specific to the injury in order to get the patient on the most appropriate road to recovery. The process typically includes exercises and stretches that will be supervised during therapy sessions. The therapist will also prescribe a series of safe activities that the patient can perform between professional sessions.

Perhaps most important, is the role that a Physical Therapist plays as coach. Recovery from a serious condition or injury can be emotionally difficult and physically strenuous.  Having the support of a trained professional to cheer you on and keep your mind focused on the ultimate goal of wellness will speed the process and lead to more successful results.

Physical therapy is essential in orthopedic recovery.  You may experience issues due to a number of factors and will rely on therapy to get back to work, recover after surgery, or just move with without experiencing pain. Working with a certified physical therapist will ensure that you not only return to a normal routine, but also have the ability to live in pain-free comfort.

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