Movement is one of the primary functions of your body during the day. You move to walk, stand, sit and do a variety of daily activities. It’s what keeps you healthy by preventing diseases such as obesity and heart disease. This is why pain-free movement is vital to our lives. When you deal with recent or chronic back pain, your movement is greatly reduced due to the pain. Maybe you’re not active because you worry you will further aggravate your injury. Many people experience back pain and are affected by how restricting it really is. That’s where physical therapy comes in the picture, as a way to provide relief and healing to back pain and give you the freedom to do what you love each day.

An Alternative to Invasive Surgery

A common misconception is that the only solution to back pain is surgery. While surgery can still be useful and necessary in some cases, the benefits that physical therapy provides far outweighs the risks. When dealing with back pain you want to recover quickly so you can get back to your normal life as soon as possible. The recovery time for back surgery can be lengthy. Surgery can also present many complications and can often be life threatening. Physical Therapy is a lower risk and non-intrusive alternative to healing back pain. It means a shorter recovery time and getting back to doing your favorite things with no pain to stop you.

When you choose physical therapy you are also choosing to be a participant in your own recovery. With your therapist you are able to set goals and challenges in order to help you in your recovery process. You will be able to build a relationship with your physical therapist that will allow you to really understand your recovery plan. Understanding how physical therapy is benefiting and working for you will allow you to stick with the plan and help yourself recover.

Physical Therapy for Success

In order to ensure that your therapy is reaching its full potential, you will want to follow your doctor’s and therapist’s instructions. This includes tips they may have for you such as sitting and sleeping postures, stretches and strengthening exercises you can do at home and work. These will benefit your therapy and avoid further injury.

Keeping an open mind going into your therapy for back pain will also help you in your success. With an open mind you will be willing to try new techniques that may not have been offered to you yet. Depending on the injury of the back, different methods may be used in the physical therapy sessions. Results can vary for different individuals and some healing may take longer than other injuries. Keeping this in mind going into your program will have you prepared to start your physical therapy treatments and begin the road to recovery!


If you, a friend or a loved one is suffering from back pain we have an arsenal of scientifically based techniques to help. Care First Physical Therapy in Raleigh, NC can help alleviate back pain and increase mobility – contact us today to learn more about what physical therapy can do for you.



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