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During the holidays I always love spending time with my extended family and the grandparents. It’s not unusual to have older relatives struggling with hearing loss and if you do have a family member with this, you know that the whole family struggles right along with them.  Consider these tips developed with special speech therapy techniques.

Control Environmental Factors

  1.  Turn subtitles on the TV.  Get the host or another family member on board with this in advance so there isn’t a discussion about (possible) hearing loss during the event.  (You might even attribute the change to a young reader that likes the extra reading practice.)
  2. Establish a TV-free zone for easier conversations.
  3. Turn off the background music especially during meals.
  4. Turn up the lights during meals.  While you may prefer dim lighting and candles, it does make it even more difficult for someone who is hard of hearing to read cues.
  5. Consider seating selections at the table.  Placing the hard of hearing adult in a livelier area of the table may make them feel more involved and might actually be easier for them than being at the quieter end when the louder voices are the “background noise.”  Placing them near an empathetic listener who can repeat items as needed might also be a good coping strategy.
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